Poindexter Horizons (IC)

Author’s note: Despite my departure from Eve, I still miss writing the continuing – if occasionally spotty – story of Dr. Quattras Peione and his friends and family. Narrative will resume with the same characters in the context of Elite Dangerous and Space Engineers.   It’s been six months since I last set foot in […]

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Five Months Later

I didn’t realize until now how long it’s been since I’ve updated this blog. Life has been so busy, I haven’t thought of it much. I tried re-subbing to Eve to catch the invasion of Fortress Deklein, but something went wrong and my Plex didn’t get applied properly. I submitted a ticket, but by the […]

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(IC) Synergy

Quattras sat at a desk in his office in the Emperor Family Academy station above Oris, poring over a mountainous stack of papers, when he was interrupted by a quiet knock on his open office door. “Dr. Peione? There’s-” “Oh, Annette, glad you’re here. Have you got those research reports in from Horizons Station yet?” […]

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(IC) Viriel, née Frenjo

My friend Dr. Frenjo Borkstar had been in poor health for a long time, but it was only toward the end that it became apparent how extensive his problems truly were. Amongst other issues he had been suffering renal failure, administered a constant stream of medications and immuno-boosters. In October he decided to take his […]

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(IC) Pirate Party

In the centuries since mankind ascended to the stars, countless souls have ventured forth into the infinite black in search of freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom from poverty, freedom to create one’s own destiny. In the years since the Jovian gift of the hydrostatic capsule, that pursuit of freedom has taken us ever further across […]

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