Blog Banter: T3 Baby!

When CCP announced what will soon be forgotten as the Research Race of YC116, I was excited. First, this meant a short-term but massive currency sink that would counteract EvE’s seemingly runaway inflation. But what really excited me was the announcement that this would bring new tech to the game. And as everyone knows, new tech from wormholes = T3.

I sat down with a friend and we discussed this. We figured CCP was most likely to introduce a new class of frigates and a new set of subsystems for strategic cruisers. Interesting, sure, but not likely to change the game much and certainly not beneficial to myself and players like me. Our personal ideal, it turns out, was quite similar to what we’ll actually be getting.

We decided that the current meta did not merit yet another class of frigate hull being introduced to the game.

We also noted that it would seem that most people, upon deciding to fly something larger, get their racial destroyer skill to 3 and then move on to cruisers. There is only one T2 dessie class – interdictors – and they are so poorly implemented that they hardly get used at all outside sov warfare and wormhole security. A new class of destroyer hull would bring life to a vastly under-utilized class of ships.

We also discussed modules, and it is on this that I would like to focus. CCP announced a new class of armaments that will hit harder, with the trade-off being that it takes away from your resists, allowing your “glass cannon” fits to ride the ragged edge a little bit harder. Our idea was along these same lines, but with more diverse options. Imagine a long point capable of scrambling at 50 km that makes your signature bloom twice its normal size. Or a set of rocket pods that do 25% less damage but offer a small flat boost to all resists or a larger bonus to one in particular based on an installed script.

There are a lot of options here to enhance the variety of fits out there for any ship, changing the balance of the battlefield. Long-term, I see a lot more changes like this in the future if this first series does well. In the meantime I’m genuinely excited to be a capsuleer during these exciting times.


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