(IC) Article from Matar Free Press

Arzad, Devoid, 20 November YC116

A small unit of Dust mercenaries ostensibly under the employ of Verokhior Combat Logistics found itself cut off behind enemy lines on Starkman Prime yesterday morning, according to sources. The unit, led by a Brutor soldier who identified himself as Nero Svek, spent the next 36 hours waging a guerrilla campaign on the northern edge of the Gash, utilizing a repurposed Bolas for troop and supply movements.

Svek established an improvised connection to the IGS chat channel at approximately 2130 on Thursday in an attempt to make contact with the Servant Sisters of Eve. He claimed they had wounded and sick civilians in tow and had expended all of their supplies on their care.

Absent any SSOE contacts available, and given a flat refusal to investigate by Scope Works’ own Avio Yaken, a pilot by the name of Quattras Peione – a member of a known pirate organization – took it upon himself to fly a shipment of medicine, medical personnel, and water to the stranded unit, taking him 23 jumps from his home system through Amarr and Caldari low-security zones.

Matar Free Press attempted to contact pilot Peione for an interview, which was declined. His office sent the following statement:

“Dr. Peione’s purported involvement in the incident in question is a matter of human interest and completely unrelated to the Amarr-Matari conflict. The supplies and personnel were delivered safely through a third party, who shall remain unnamed. Requests for further information sent to this office may be answered after a review process, but no interviews will take place. Thank you for your patience in this matter.”

Imperial Navy officials stopped Peione’s vessel upon entry to and exit from the Arzad system; documented cargo manifests quelled early accusations of arms smuggling.

[I had never met this Dust 514 player before our interaction today, but I hope to run across him again sometime. This interaction – all of which actually took place in-game – was by far the most fun I’ve had with anyone in the RP community. -Steve]


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