Oh what a busy month it has been. To be honest, that pesky “RL” thing has left me with not much time for Eve. I lost my job, then Christmas rolled around, and my relationship with my lady has gotten, well, pretty really damn serious.

That said, so much has happened in Eve that I’m finding it difficult to keep up. Deuce, Kieran and I have left Stay Frosty under friendly terms to form a new corporation, Gentlemen of Fortune(dot), bringing along with us new members Halberstram, Nishi, Zheng, and Mitsuhide – who doesn’t really count, as a DUST merc. Kathyayini will likely follow as soon as the little woman re-subs, as well as a motley assortment of alts. Annette will remain with the 24th Imperial Crusade and Robert will likely join Stay Frosty or Supreme Mathematics as my man on the inside.

I spent several weeks flying my Stratios GFS Dawn Treader exclusively, running exploration operations deep into nullsec. This has proven one of the most profitable activities that I can currently conduct solo, though it is also quite dangerous. I wound up losing the ship on undock in Thera due to a session change timer glitch. I filed a petition, and the ship was restored after a few days, but I was still quite upset about the loss and didn’t log in for several days.

Nishi and Zheng joined Stay Frosty in mid-December, and Deuce and I showed them the ropes, taking them on a number of missions. Zheng followed me on a PvP roam where we managed to find a few good fights, neither losing our ships nor scoring any kills. Further training is definitely in order. Shortly before Christmas A Band Apart found itself yet again embroiled in a multi-front war, and I put my highsec operations on hold and returned to null exploration. Halberstram, whose character dates from the beta but was inactive for many years, insisted on mission running and got Deuce to run along with him, despite my insistence that it was a bad idea. Long story short, the Milkmen found them and Halberstram lost his Tempest Fleet Issue to a rabid mob. Deuce barely escaped in his Dominix.

Their calls for help on Stay Frosty comms went unanswered, which naturally angered them. The sad truth is that it would have been too late anyway. Tsuguwa is too far from Ishomilken to rely on corp assistance on the best of days. Although they now understand the error they had made, the damage is done.

The fact of the matter is that, while Stay Frosty will always feel like my family and home, it is not the best corp for what we are currently doing. The new guys are still learning the ropes, and Deuce and I are trying to build some funds through PvE to fund our careers down the road. There are a lot of mechanics that we want to explore and the best way to do so is to form a new corporation. Thus was born Gentlemen of Fortune. I have spoken to Joffy; he is, as always, completely understanding. An awesome guy, that one. I look forward to flying alongside him again.


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