I see now why so many clamor for a fix to the corporation mechanics in Eve. Just… my god. Roles and privileges are tied together, too rigid and too broad. Things automatically pull from one wallet or another with no option to choose. ONLY the CEO can set up hangars. Someone needs to call in all the king’s horses and all the king’s men here. But it’s in the pipeline, so bitching is pointless at this juncture.

I’m getting to know the corpies as we get them trained and get standings in place. Halberstram is a good guy. He doesn’t really have the patience for creating tactics or fits, but is more than happy to bankroll us as we do so for the corp. Our mission-running doctrine has been updated thanks to a generous donation, with myself in a Raven Navy Issue and Halberstram in a moderately-pimped Nefantar Maelstrom. Keith opted for a Legion as an upgrade from his Armageddon, a choice I question but it’s his to make. Deuce is still undecided on how to improve his mission boat. My suggestion remains to upgrade to the Rattlesnake, but again the choice is not mine. Zheng isn’t quite to the “pimped battleship” point yet, but we’re giving him guidance for when the day comes.

Meanwhile Deuce and I are working on PvP tactics. What we’re working with is pretty unconventional stuff but innovation starts with a ridiculous idea. We love the idea of the Pipebomb a la Rooks & Kings, and are working on fits to scale it down to what I call the Firecracker – a destroyer/cruiser sized variant pulsing small or medium smartbombs. Limited application, much harder to apply, but lots of potential for fun. I’m also working on a wetwork doctrine that combines Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers, and one very specialized Stratios. Deuce is a hell of a bomber pilot and is itching to get some more kills under his belt, and I have already gotten some good engagements with our new neighbors.

I created a corp medal – the Gentleman’s Sword – to be awarded to GoF pilots on their first confirmed kill. I hope to be able to pin this on one of the new guys soon. Zheng seems pretty eager to go out and get in a fight. I got him to fight me one-on-one, my Hawk vs his Hurricane. Then I explained to him why my I wasn’t afraid to take that fight, why he very likely would have lost, and how to prevent/counter that. Nishi seems terrified of wardecs and Halberstram is one of the most risk averse guys I’ve ever flown with. It’s fine. They’ll all be bloodthirsty killers before you can say “All torps on the Proteus.”


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