Rockin’ a Hard Place

Things are really starting to fall in place within Gentlemen of Fortune. We have a solid L4 doctrine, utilizing omni damage and tank potential, specialized for the situation. We’ll continue doing this until each of us has a few billion in liquid currency. This will give us a solid starting point for future operations, whatever form they may take.

As for the future, we haven’t decided on a specific direction. It is unilaterally agreed upon that our current goal – station-less POS life – is an excellent starting point for further horizons, but whether those horizons lead to W-space, 0.0, or something closer to home remains to be seen.

Deuce and I are in agreement that life in a 0.0 sov alliance would do us all some good. No renting bullshit; real participation in a real alliance. Further research is needed, as well as sufficient corp-level infrastructure, before we can move forward with this idea.

My out-of-game life has picked up the pace at which it is picking up pace. Things are complicated and crazy and to put things mildly I’m in a pinch. I hate it when this happens. Priorities being priorities, Eve is taking a backseat to the real world. That means the delay of some goals, but I don’t really have the time to worry myself over it. I have a wedding to plan two states away and a lease here with several months left on it.



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