The Plot Continues

I’ve grown quite attached to Quattras as a character. He’s a generally stand-up guy that does all the wrong things for all the right reasons. Sounds like a guy I know.

Maybe I’ve been craving a good story, maybe I’m not very inventive, maybe I’m just writing a Marty Stu story, but his likeness and “personality” are integrated into my playstyle in all Internet Spaceships games.

As such, his story takes on elements of all of them. Building stuff in Space Engineers, pirate hunting in a fighter in Elite: Dangerous, running a corporation in Eve; Dr. Quattras Alvar Peione is my author avatar, my preferred character.

Perhaps one day I’ll condense it into a cohesive story, pull out the trademarked stuff, and novelize the interesting bits. In the meantime, I’ll just pick up where I left off several months ago.

The move from Stay Frosty’s lowsec operations to running a small highsec corporation operating as an unofficial subsidiary of the Chief Executive Panel proved strenuous on the executive members, who set up accounts to maintain the larger corporate operations while they began to look into securing the space they called home – the furthest edge of The Forge constellation, on the edge of one of the roughest parts of the Caldari-Gallente conflict zone.

Quattras, Oni and Deuce have taken to flying fighters and driving pirates out of their local space.

The story continues…


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