(IC) The Whole Life

It’s a bit disappointing, is all.

I had this big fight with Kat before I left. She won’t admit it of course, but I can tell she’s tired of the egger life.

I told her that this was for the family. That wasn’t the whole truth, of course. I needed to move to Phoenix. I’d been dirtside for the better part of two months and restricted my operations to one system for an additional month; now  the cluster was in mild chaos. Drifters, Seekers, Sansha… Yes, investing in a wormhole development was an excellent contingency for my wife and for the kids. But more importantly, I needed to prove to myself that I could do it.

Well apparently I couldn’t. I just signed the salvage note on the transport I had been using to cart in my supplies.

I never even made it there.

Turns out most of the cargo was intact, though. I went home with my Flycatcher and two Worms. That cuts the loss down to just over 100 million ISK. Unfortunate, but affordable.

I’m hoping to get the crew back together. I know 4TUNA is technically still a registered corporation, but none of them fly anymore and I think a lot of it has to do with the work we were doing. Enforcement always did pay shit, but now… half of us are married, and almost all of us have kids. Hell, my daughter – my little Hjalmar – and Deuce’s son are married now. That makes me – well, not young anymore, regardless of what this clone looks like. Fighting pirates in your home system is a much riskier proposition when you have loved ones your enemies could use as leverage. Time to move on.


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