(IC) Time

Time drags on at a constant rate, no matter how we rage against it.

Sometimes it seems too fast. The Drifter situation seems clustered in Amarr space, but it’s still present. In the headlines and on everyone’s minds. The IGS is full of discussion, debate, and threats on every side of the issue. I had my legal team drafting the papers to appeal to CONCORD for a formal inquest into the events surrounding the EMWPA, but it was denied unceremoniously. I wonder if it would have been be too little too late anyway.

Other times it moves far too slowly. I have four days until my DST license is approved. I have one purchased and waiting in my hangar, ready to relocate my assets to BC. Every time I think I have everything consolidated, I find another cache I had stashed away somewhere – a few frigates in Usi, an old Rokh-class battleship in Tsuguwa, munitions scattered around the Citadel, even some modules I apparently left in Amarr space. I’m selling it off, bit by bit. Meanwhile ABA is in the middle of an eviction operation and I can’t participate without my transport. I feel useless.

But I’m waiting patiently. By the time my license comes through, the Jackdaw will be available for capsuleer use, and I’ll finally get my hands on a D3. In the meantime, Hjalmar has agreed to come for a visit. She isn’t bringing her husband or her kids, but it’s a start to mending our relationship. She’ll be arriving via Interbus in the next few hours from Luminaire. I had offered to pick her up myself, but she refused. Stubborn, just like her mother. Just like her father too, I guess.


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