I’ve spent almost 1.5 billion ISK on ships (hulls+fittings) in the last 12 hours. I know some folks blow those kinds of funds all the time, but that’s about half of what I have earned in my year of playing Eve, and nearly two thirds of what I had in liquid funds after selling off a bunch of stuff I wasn’t using anymore.

So what did I buy, and why?

For starters, I fit a blinged-out Cerberus. It’s going to stay in highsec, a backup for DED site running in case I screw up and lose everything else. Faction BCU’s, dual-prop (both faction), deadspace tank – it’s ridiculous, and possibly the most expensive ship I have ever owned, even more pricey than the Raven Navy Issue I used to run L4 missions in. The thing is, I have no other reason to own a HAC. Armor HACs are the order of the day, and I’m months from being able to fly them. Missiles don’t fit the fleet meta well either, and I have a significant chunk of training time invested into them. So Thunderhorse will sit at Jita 4-4 as a nice little safety net.

I re-fit my exploration Stratios as well. I lack in laser skills, especially medium ones, but couldn’t fit rails onto it comfortably. Fortunately the turrets are an emergency measure. I stripped the data scanner and re-rigged it to focus on relic sites. I added a scram and web for hunting small game, and a flight of Hobgoblins and sentries – which I can finally just barely use – on top of the pair of Geckos and selection of utility drones it already had. A local repairer rounded out the re-fit, and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results thus far, though the real test comes in 15 days when I finish Archaeology V and can fit a Relic Scanner II.

I bought a Gila for running Sleeper sites, something I had put off for far too long. Resent it though I may, my old Drake won’t see action for a long time – it’s just not viable now. The rabble about how hard they got nerfed is no joke. So I purchased the Gila and drones to go with it – faction drones, since I can’t use T2 mediums yet. The fit is corp doctrine, pretty standard wormhole fare.

I re-worked the tank on my DST, adding a few thousand HP and raising the resists across the board. That ship is my lifeline, can’t afford to lose it. Financially I could purchase another, but logistically it is too valuable a tool to risk.

I also fit a few emergency ships for the hole – a stealth bomber with faction launchers, an interdictor, and a covert ops frigate.

I spent a few days sitting in Jita earlier this week, unsure of my future in Eve. I was dissatisfied with the solo life, and thought about joining a nullsec bloc. But I don’t want to be a faceless F1 monkey in some overconfident FC’s whelp squad. Then I realized that while I can’t precisely fit every doctrine ship – can’t even fly most, can’t afford half – ABA is a good alliance. They make room for the new guys, the leadership is solid and competent, and most importantly they maintain a “keep it classy” culture that is very important to me. I’ve always had my questions answered, and there is always something to do no matter what your tastes – there’s even talk of taking a few systems when FozzieSov is fully implemented, just to try it out. So I’ll get in on a little bit of that dank wormhole ISK and participate in StratOps when I can. I doubted it for a while, but I know now more than ever – A Band Apart is the place for me.


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