(IC) Grounded

I’ve been grounded for almost a month now. I was on a market run in Jita when my license expired, and then received notice from DED that due to “accounting irregularities” my fund transfer to renew would not be honored.

It’s fortunate that I was in K-space when the suspension was issued. We only moved into BC a short while ago, so had I been staged there not only would I have been stranded from my family, but there would have been precious little to occupy my time. My assets sit there still, waiting for my license to be reinstated.

In the meantime I’ve been busy with family life and self-improvement. I’ve spent more time making music, a pastime I had all but given up before. There are plenty of capsuleer musicians, but not many focus on rock music – I feel like I’m creating a niche here. I have also spent a great deal of time with Kat and the kids, even patched things up with Hjalmar – she still isn’t thrilled with the life I live, but understands a bit better the path that led to where her mother – my first wife – and I are in our respective lives.

I had forgotten how complicated travel can be outside the pod. I had grown accustomed to just jumping into a ship and flying wherever I like, but now the law says I can’t. I’ve never been one to just accept it when I’m told I can’t do something, but it turns out CONCORD has extremely tight control of the technology we employ. The station hangars don’t even recognize my authorization anymore.

This is all the more unfortunate given the shift in the balance of power lately. New tech has hit the paramilitary markets that would allow me to make my ships more potent, but I’ll just have to let others do the experimental fitting while I wait for my accountants to rectify this unfortunate misunderstanding with DED.

In the meantime I’m keeping my combat instincts sharp flying local security in a fighter. It’s a different beast, flying something so small and nimble. I enjoy it, even if I miss the power of a cruiser or the versatility of a frigate. I very nearly lost my little Vulture twice; the adrenaline pumping in those moments when the canopy cracks open and it’s just a thin suit between you and hard vacuum, that’s a hard rush to match.

Tomorrow is Kat’s birthday, so I’ll be pretty preoccupied, but the next day I’ll place some calls and try to get my finances sorted to renew my license. I’m only a few days away from upgrading my Stratios and want to see how vast of a difference the new relic analyzer makes.


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