Finding My Place

I renewed my subscription almost a week ago. Had to nearly empty my wallet of ISK, but I bought a PLEX and dove right back into my life in wormholes.

I had been training Archaeology V when my sub ran out, and my plan was to get out into nullsec and run relic sites to while away the hours. But before I had a chance to get to highsec to buy the T2 module, I was invited to go run a C5 hole full of Sleeper sites. I happily boarded my Gila and joined the fleet, following the FC’s instructions on which rats triggered waves, which ones needed immediate attention, and so forth. Just over an hour later I had  almost 400M in my wallet that had not been there before. Two days later, we did the same thing – this time with a pair of Rattlesnakes in fleet for extra DPS. Nearly half a billion from that run. All I can say is, wow… That’s what folks are talking about when they say that wormholes are the place to make money.

Flush with funds, I decided to adjust my assets. I sold off my ridiculously blinged-out Cerberus to the tune of 700M, and bought a pair of Onyx Heavy Interdictors – one fitted for combat, and one for rolling holes. I had a pair of Garmurs and a pair of Worms sitting in Jita, and sold off one of each. The remaining ones got set up with doctrine fits – the Worm is suited for running low-level roams, and the Garmur will be an absolute beast in Wolf-Rayet systems.

I logged on today, sitting in my Garmur because it’s gorgeous, just hovering in the POS while I did chores around the house – a dad’s work is never done. I had just put on a pork roast when I heard someone call my name over comms.

“Quattras, don’t you have a Flycatcher?”

As a matter of fact, I did. It had been a point of pride when I first bought and fit it – I finally felt like a “big boy.”

RC informed me that they had spotted a tower that was un-anchoring in a C4 just a few jumps down the pipeline, and they needed someone to be on hand to make sure the resident hauler couldn’t grab it before we got the chance.

I boarded my little dictor and jumped into our C5 connection, then to the C5 attached to it. When the grid loaded on the other side of the hole, there was a Probe frigate nearby. I de-cloaked, approached, and opened fire with my rockets. Two volleys and his little ship popped. Lock the pod, one more volley, and he was on the fast way home.

I made my way to the C4, and landed at the perch my corpmate had made for me. Cloaked up, orbiting at 15km, watching D-scan while the rest of the fleet moved elsewhere in the chain, hunting a T3 gang. A pair of Ventures and a Mammoth on scan. The Mammoth still bore the pilot’s name, so I checked his info on the net. Looked like he was the primary hauler for the corp. Intel informed me that the Ventures were empty, sitting in POS shields.

I orbited the un-anchoring tower, watching the timer. “Three minutes, guys.”

RC had eyes on the active POS. “Ok, Quattras, Mammoth is aligning. Prepare to de-cloak and bubble.”


Ten seconds passed.

“Mammoth is in warp, de-cloak and bubble.”

“Bubble up!”

The Mammoth landed on grid, and I locked and opened fire. He burned towards the edge of the bubble, and his ship detonated just as he neared it. I began targeting the pod, but he warped off. Damn.

“Got the hauler, guys, but his pod escaped.”

“Ok, yeah, he’s at the POS now. Wait… He’s pulling out another Mammoth. Prepare to do it again.”

My heart raced. Two solo kills in one day was already a record for me. I grinned like a madman as RC gave the heads-up and once again I decloaked, bubbled up, and opened fire on the hauler as soon as it landed on grid.

“Quattras do not kill the pod. Let’s see what he does after this.”

The ship dissolved in a plume of fire, and I watched the little pod flee for  the safety of his POS. he landed within his shields and pulled out yet another Mammoth, but didn’t board it.

“Oh damn. We’ve got a marauder,” came the call over comms. Scan confirmed it – he had pulled a Vargur from his hangar. “Let’s see what he – wait, where did he go?”

A second and a half later, his naked pod showed up on grid with me. “Maybe he’s scouting? He may think I left – I’m cloaked up.”

“Confirmed. He just logged in an alt, boarding the Vargur now.”

Trekan piped up over comms. “Support fleet on standby, holding on C4.”

I came to a full stop and waited. The pod warped back to the POS. he boarded the third Mammoth and warped to my location. I dropped cloak and locked him, and was preparing to open fire when RC called out. “Vargur is moving, Vargur is moving. Quattras bug the fuck out, we’ve got him. Fleet JUMP JUMP JUMP!”

I aligned and warped back to my entry hole, and heard the rest over comms as the kill reports rolled in. First the Mammoth, then its pod, then the Vargur and its pod.

I raced back to BC, grabbed a corp-use blockade runner, then made my way back to the C4 to scoop the tower and bring it home. Op success – 250M in loot for the corp, and 25M for me from the Probe’s wreck. Life will never be the same again.


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