(IC) New Directions, New Horizons

When I first made the decision to move into operation within the Anoikis cluster, it seemed a logical next step in my career. I needed sites to further my archaeological studies, and a way to finance them – both of which SM.RB offered, in spades.

When I renewed my license it was my intention to take the Dawn Treader and her crew – Nelos, Dr. Reid, Dr. Aldorph and a handful of grad students – on an archaeological expedition. After all, my first degree was in archaeology, from the Center for Advanced Studies. The decision to pursue the sciences at a Gallente university was a deliberate dual affront to my father.

However, as time goes on and the need to protect our assets and our home becomes more imperative, I find myself relying far more on my later studies at the State War Academy. The Military Theory classes I took and, after my doctorate, taught, were meant to grant me an officer’s commission in the Navy. But I had an aptitude for it – the bigger picture, the grand abstraction behind warfare that eludes politicians and with which front-line soldiers are unconcerned.

I have begun to see Supreme Mathematics as a microcosm of a nation, and BC as the land it occupies. Whereas I found my brief stint in the State Protectorate to be a frustrating exercise in moderated brinksmanship and the fore edge of political bluster on all sides, our corporate military actions are deliberate and precise, with defined purpose and scope, and with real consequence.

Drs. Aldorph and Reid are esteemed associates, whose counsel I highly value, but their expertise is wasted here, their lives jeopardized by our current operations. I had them shuttled back to highsec with my best wishes, and handed over my portion of our research material. Nelos, as expected, has insisted on remaining on board as my First Officer. His loyalty is truly humbling.

The Dawn Treader will be re-fit as a combat vessel in due time, though my little Astero will retain its relic analysis capabilities – it is quite sufficiently combat capable as-is.

I discussed my future – our future – with Kathyayini, and she was more supportive than I had expected. She pointed out that my archaeological studies often called me to distant regions for long stretches of time, and that being on-call for the company would mean more regular access to home. It feels good to say that… Home.

I will be on a month-long deployment soon, and have agreed to put further operations on hold to get in some quality family time. Sjon and Yrsa will be attending school in a few months, and this may be the last opportunity we all have to be together without disturbance for quite some time. I have arranged a few weeks at grandpa’s cabin, and sent an engineering team ahead to clean up the grounds and modernize some of the facilities. Who knows, maybe someday soon the Peione Estate will be a family estate once again.


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