(IC) Adaptation

Life in the hole is tough. Everybody’s always stressed – everything could go wrong at any moment and cause a lot of people to die and the rest to go broke.

I’ve spent most of my time in one of three ships this month – the Gila for Sleeper defense, the Vigilant for chain security, and my old Stratios for black ops.

The Dawn Treader is a phenomenal vessel, and it is only with her fit purely for combat that I realize how capable the Stratios-class cruiser really is. Even with basic railguns and with the fighter-sized Gecko drones removed, the big classy semi-luxury ship I had been carting the family around in is completely transformed – it’s an absolute beast and has adapted to hunting stealthily every bit as well as one can expect from so fine and specialized a machine.

The Gila is capable and predictable – having flown a Worm in combat the transition wasn’t difficult. I am especially impressed with how well these Guristas ships scale. Four or five Gilas and a handful of Basilisks can completely ignore a significantly larger subcapital force.

The Vigilant though – that’s the un-tested ship. The fitting is solid, the leading edge of our heavy armor doctrine. But I have yet to so much as power up the weapons systems – not that I doubt their efficacy; Serpentis does employ some of the most qualified engineers in the cluster.

Still, perhaps it’s best if I test-drive it outside of fleet. I was unprepared on our last black ops operation and RC made no secret that he was displeased. I’m not one to tolerate being spoken to quite so harshly, but he wasn’t wrong – my small failure put the operation and several billion ISK in assets at risk.

I spent much of the evening yesterday in my Astero. Best scanner I ever bought, that ship. Far more lethal potential than a covops, doesn’t scream “KILL ME” like a Stratios. I used the last few hours of the day to investigate our chain – the null had popped and re-formed, and the new hole led to a Triumvirate backwater system. There were several Blood Raider sites in the constellation – seems a Sani Sabik colony flourished out here for a century or two before something very quickly obliterated it. Were I to hazard a guess, I’d say they ran afoul of an Imperial task force.

I found a highsec connection elsewhere in the chain, and brought out a load of goods from BC. I netted about 200m, enough that I can join fleet ops again without worrying about covering a loss.


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