(IC) God

Two weeks ago Her Highness Empress Jamyl Sarum I flew an Avatar-class Titan into the system where I was. I promptly decloaked my Manticore-class stealth bomber and opened fire on her. My ship was vaporized before my torpedoes even found their mark; the pod and clone followed moments later.

Upon settling in my new clone, I logged into the Intergalactic Summit to explain the rationale behind this action.

First and foremost, my aim was to shame Max Singularity VI into action. The new figurehead of the CFC – excuse me, Imperium – lays claim to the Amarrian throne and has the backing of one of the largest paramilitary forces in New Eden. Yet when the Empress made a public appearance, this supposed would-be usurper flew in a fleet in her defense.

Meanwhile I, a nobody with no backing, no power, no chance of making a difference knowingly sacrificed my ship and clone, simply for the sake of making a statement.

After all of this, I found myself in virtual conversation with a few of the more outspoken religious movers and shakers, amongst them Saede Riordan. She proclaimed of course that my actions had made me an enemy of God and of the Amarr Empire. My retort was completely lost on her – as is almost always the case with fundamentalists.

I told her that I am enemy neither to the Amarrian people or to God, but rather have acted in conscience against a tyrant. I told her that all of us worship the same Supreme Intelligence, whether we call it Maker or Cold Wind or God or Bob or whatever.

This was the second point behind my gesture – I call it thus because one can hardly call a single torpedo volley against a Titan an “attack” – an expression of nothing less than pure outrage. Outrage that the Imperial Throne maintains its stance that only through bending to their supremacy can a soul know God. Outrage that their “Reclaiming” program continues to this day. Outrage that worlds are being glassed and billions of civilians dying in institutionalized wars while the Elite rub elbows, completely detached from the concerns of an average civilian’s life. Outrage that despite having alternatives available and having paid lip service to abolition, the Empire still openly maintains ethnic slavery, a deplorable institution. All of these endorsed by the propaganda branch of the Imperial Throne, Her secularized Church.

I have been asked before how, as the husband of a woman of Minmatar ancestry, I can justify a belief in the god of the people who conquered and enslaved her ancestors.

I believe that there is a singular Intellect whose very thoughts are the fabric of what we experience as the Universe. I believe that all of humanity shares a progenitor from elsewhere in that Universe. I believe that the Amarrian faith, whose documented history goes back tens of thousands of years, is the most ancient surviving known belief system and as such makes an excellent framework for my own beliefs.

The God that the Amarrian priests describe is an angry, jealous and vengeful God whose motives exclusively benefit a human political institution. He – and yes, the Divine Will apparently is possessed of male genitalia – is manifest in the Emperor (Empress), whose body must be pure and whole – e.g. no cloning. Did I mention that Jamyl is a clone? Because she is totally a clone. Or, you know, reincarnated by divine intervention… or whatever…

When you really spell it out, their concept of God is pretty human-centric. We all hope that the Universe is on our side. And sometimes it seems that it is. But the truth of the matter is that the Universe doesn’t care about you, a mote of dust. My “worship” of God is pursuit of the fundamental principles at work that make it run. Therein you will see God.


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