(IC) Eye of the Storm

Things are heating up across the New Eden cluster, and everyone is feeling it.
I’m sure everyone anticipated some sort of Drifter interference with the Empress’ appearance to unveil the Auctoritas, the Imperial Navy’s new flagship. But no one could have foreseen her assassination – and the unbelievable amount of firepower the Drifters brought to bear.

This turn of events has made a lot of folks very nervous, for good reason. The sovereign leader of the most powerful entity in the cluster, headshotted before her escort fleet could take any action. This doesn’t bode well, and I am taking action to secure those I care the most about.

Kathyayini and the kids are living in BC with me now – most of the pilots in Supreme Mathematics have done the same for their families. Ironic that the safest place to be right now seems to be in a wormhole system.

Some group we angered recently has put out a contract to evict us from our system. This is little cause for concern – we live in a Class 2 system, so no opposing force can bring capital vessels to bear. We have blocked every moon with fully fueled starbase towers, and have built a formidable defense grid. If we ever leave, it will be of our own accord.

ABA, meanwhile, has claimed sovereignty in Scalding Pass, with the assistance of the 57th Overlanders Brigade, our newest addition to the alliance. Exciting times indeed.

As for myself, I have begun recording music again. It’s nice to have an outlet. I’m a bit rusty after years of not picking up an instrument, but it’s going well enough.

The Audacity of Hope


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