Blog Banter 70: Dear CCP, I want a Space-Pony and a Space-Puppy and a…

  “If CCP was Santa and you could ask for anything (in-game obviously) what would it be? A new type of ship that is tailored to your type of game-play? A change to mechanics? A battleship mini-doomsday weapon? Proper hats for your avatar? Opening of that bloody door? There are so many different options depending on what you want to do and what you want to get out of Eve Online. What would you like to see in your virtual Christmas stocking from CCP?”

I will long remember 2015 as the year Eve just kept on giving. It was like CCP stuffed it into a big box with a bow, wrote “With love for Steve” on it, and had it shipped to my door.

We got not one but four new classes of ships, all under cruiser sized. We got a huge new story arc. We got SKINs, gorgeous graphics upgrades, and a new sov system that, whatever else may be said about it, allows the little guy to compete. We even got a few days of the UNLIMITED POWER test server Solace, where we all got unlimited access to the whole of the market, and got to fly insane things that most of us will never get to have.

As for me personally I’ve gotten to do a thousand things I’ve never before done in Eve. I’ve hit major milestones, found a new home, and launched a new career. This whole year was one fantastic gift.

If I were to change anything about Eve, it wouldn’t be the gameplay; the things that aren’t perfect are in good hands and on a good path. I couldn’t ask for more ships; we have more available than I will experience for years to come. What I would really really like is a more diverse storyline.

CCP Falcon and his team do an excellent job providing us lore nerds with content and information. The Death of the Empress arc was great, if a bit rushed. The Blood Raiders, Serpentis, and Guristas all had their moments in the sun this year. And the Amarr have had a plethora of stuff going on lately.

Despite all this, I and most Eve roleplayers are busy creating our own content, because there’s just not that much coming from CCP that we can work with. Most of our characters have no dog in the race for the Imperial throne, and there are maybe a dozen combined actively representing the “big four” pirate factions.

Dear CCP, all I want for Christmas is more live events. Shooting the Auctoritas was a defining moment for Quattras as a character and for me as a player. Do something with the Caldari and the Minmatar. Come play with us

Sincerely, Quattras Peione and the Intergalactic Summit


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