Sometimes to Win, One Must First Lose

I deleted Eve from my computer yesterday. My sub ran out nearly two weeks ago, and I hadn’t touched the game for a week or so before that. 

I’ll be back eventually, I’m sure. But I had lost my sense of direction and momentum. VSKY wasn’t going anywhere, the leadership had gone silent, and I felt adrift. I don’t even care about the BPO’s I left in the tower. Odds are someone else has them now, and I don’t really miss them.
When (not if) I come back to the game, I’m pretty sure I’ll leave ABA. I love that alliance and the people in it, but I need more structured gameplay right now. To be frank, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I think I’ll join TEST Alliance. Dreddit, as they say, is recruiting, and TEST is at the core of a coalition pushing the Imperium back to Fortress Deklein. The memes and propaganda are flying, and to be frank the narrative makes me want to be part of something on that scale.

In the meantime, I’m dedicating my gaming time to Elite: Dangerous. I’ve pledged myself to the Federation and President Hudson, mainly because I believe in protecting Humanity’s origins – Earth. The Alliance’s stance of personal freedom and responsibility appeals to me, but politically they’re too disjointed, too weak, too aloof for me to be ablte to justify abandoning my post with the Naval Auxiliary.

I began work on a technical manual, “Introduction to Flight Maneuvers in Zero-G Aerial Combat,” that has grown significantly over the last few days. When it is finished I’ll assemble the whole package in a printable PDF and distribute it via Reddit, because I think it would benefit the community as a whole.

The baby is due any time in the next few weeks, I start a new job in a few hours, and my car still isn’t in working order. So much to do, so few hours in a day.


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