Poindexter Horizons (IC)

Author’s note: Despite my departure from Eve, I still miss writing the continuing – if occasionally spotty – story of Dr. Quattras Peione and his friends and family. Narrative will resume with the same characters in the context of Elite Dangerous and Space Engineers.


It’s been six months since I last set foot in Mars High station. The Hudson administration is off the rails – placing Federal Navy battlegroups all over the cluster is a bold but foolish move, and I’ll have no part of this chest-thumping.


I’ve resigned my commission and moved my family to LB 3303. The local authorities are on the gangs’ payroll, and the Feds have very little presence in-system. Poindexter Horizons may not be the classiest station we’ve ever lived on, but one thing is for sure – nobody is going to fuck with us out here.


There’s an old, abandoned platform near Haignere Arsenal that I’ve had some assets transferred to – essentially what remains of the Peione Foundation’s industrial interests after the VSKY debacle. The Foundation will be purchasing the site for next to nothing via GoF, and we can resume R&D in peace. We still own the rights to the Jahbulon platform and can mass-produce those indefinitely to keep up a revenue stream. There is a decent ice field nearby, and large depisits of magnesium and platinum.


Deuce, Kieran and I have been investing a lot of time into high speed single-seater fighter craft. It’s hard to build anything that can compete with our old Z-03 platform, but the old bird will never meet modern safety standards. Thus far we have three valid designs, and will proof them during setup at our new base of operations.


As for Kathyayini and the kids, she’s resumed her medical work for some clinic on the station. She seems to enjoy it; Sjon and Yrsa will be enrolled in a decent private school, thanks to our savings. Life does, in fact, go on.


Update: Now I know why this platform was so cheap. Not five minutes after the Dawn Treader hit orbit on departure, a trio of armed knockoff SRVs clad in makeshift armor crested the north ridge headed directly for the post at high speed. The new fighter performs admirably; three shots, three kills at 1.5km. It’s hardly nimble, but it’s fast and packs a mean punch. The KSH platform is nothing if not well-designed.


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