(IC) Eye of the Storm

Things are heating up across the New Eden cluster, and everyone is feeling it. I’m sure everyone anticipated some sort of Drifter interference with the Empress’ appearance to unveil the Auctoritas, the Imperial Navy’s new flagship. But no one could have foreseen her assassination – and the unbelievable amount of firepower the Drifters brought to […]

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(IC) God

Two weeks ago Her Highness Empress Jamyl Sarum I flew an Avatar-class Titan into the system where I was. I promptly decloaked my Manticore-class stealth bomber and opened fire on her. My ship was vaporized before my torpedoes even found their mark; the pod and clone followed moments later. Upon settling in my new clone, […]

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(IC) Adaptation

Life in the hole is tough. Everybody’s always stressed – everything could go wrong at any moment and cause a lot of people to die and the rest to go broke. I’ve spent most of my time in one of three ships this month – the Gila for Sleeper defense, the Vigilant for chain security, […]

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Finding My Place

I renewed my subscription almost a week ago. Had to nearly empty my wallet of ISK, but I bought a PLEX and dove right back into my life in wormholes. I had been training Archaeology V when my sub ran out, and my plan was to get out into nullsec and run relic sites to […]

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(IC) Grounded

I’ve been grounded for almost a month now. I was on a market run in Jita when my license expired, and then received notice from DED that due to “accounting irregularities” my fund transfer to renew would not be honored. It’s fortunate that I was in K-space when the suspension was issued. We only moved […]

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Life Imitates Art

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s official – papers signed and all, we even had a preacher despite our mutual… reluctance to include religious content. When I made the decision that Quattras and Kathyayini should be married, it was only after asking Amber to marry me. And now, standing before Bob and united […]

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